WINA WENA™ is an entirely unique Staff Rewards and Recognition programme designed for companies looking for an innovative solution to motivating their staff.


WINA WENA™ offers many clients an exciting extension to their existing programmes, enhancing the reward and recognition process which is VITAL to the success of staff motivational programmes.

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    WINA WENA™ is a unique and extremely powerful Rewards and Recognition programme,

    designed to inspire and excite staff to improve their performances. It not only has direct benefit on the bottom line, but also on the general staff morale in YOUR business. This simple, inexpensive yet highly successful performance solution, is currently under International PATENT application having gone through various stages already in South Africa.


    The Gistics Group tailor-makes and designs specific Rewards and Recognition as well as Organisational Development programmes for companies. We understand that each company is different and that is why we sell solutions which are customised for each particular business environment. WINA WENA™ is a powerful platform which provides our clients with the right tools to manage staff performances, and reward exceptional staff.


    WINA WENA™ also provides participation opportunities for average performing staff, while peer pressure drives their performances into higher level categories. The result is a programme which has a direct influence on the cultural shift of your business into one which only tolerates and enjoys certain performance levels.


    WINA WENA™ provides companies with a platform of Rewards objectivity, real performance recognition, and a TANGIBLE mechanic that engages staff at all levels. Nothing like this existed… UNTIL NOW!

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