•   Streamlined staff training that is NON-disruptive

•   Staff can engage with training material outside of PEAK times, at their own pace and

    at their own desks

•   Practical and interactive me-COURSE material, relevant and aligned to YOUR specific


•   All training is delivered through a comprehensive combination of video lectures,

    detailed course copy and assignments

•   me-TUTOR is supported by tutors, online and telephonically, who assist staff with

    questions regarding training material

•   Roaming me-MENTORS physically interact and coach staff throughout each module

•   Electronic training is not restricted by geographical spread

•   Traditional training costs are drastically lowered

•   Staff results can be utilised as measurement criteria for recognition or rewards

•   Your current training curriculum can be adapted to fit the me-TUTOR platform

•   Training material can be collaboratively created or chosen from our library of existing


•   100% secure, access controlled hosting of all online content

•   Progress reports generated can be utilised as powerful management tools

•   Utilises a course coding system which ensures clarity and effective course design and


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